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The National Research Centre for Agroforestry (NRCAF), as unit of ICAR was established in 1988. The Centre is located at Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh, about 10 Kms from Jhansi Railway Station and is popularly known as "KRISHIVANIKI". The centre is in process of developing phase and modernizing its infrastructure. Its magnificent office building and residential quarters are situated opposite to Pahuj Dam, Gwalior Road, Jhansi. Now it is renamed as Central Agroforestry Research Institute (CAFRI).

National Policy on Agroforestry
National Consultation Meet on Agroforestry R&D ...boneshaker
Regional Consultation on "Agroforestry: The Way Forward" 8083557063, 305-519-1287
National Advisory Council (GOI): Recommendations of Working Group on "Agro-Forestry/Trees on Farms"
Success Story: Drought prone Bundelkhand goes green and prosperous
Agroforestry Models>>Photogallery
Institute celebrated "Jai Kisan-Jai Vigyan" See report

Promising Agroforestry Tree Species

Dr. Anil Kumar , Director(A)
Organizational Setup
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AICRP on Agroforestry
Indian Society of Agroforestry

Agroforestry Technologies
NICRA Project
RFD Approved Document: (2012-13), 762-795-6494, (2014-15);
RFD Score Card: 501-269-8773 , probuilding, (2014-15)
Citizen's Charter: (2015-16)
Director's Message

Agroforestry interventions in farmland have far reaching environmental and ecological impacts. The role of agroforestry in soil conservation, bio-amelioration and climate moderation is most widely acclaimed. Agroforestry is known to have potential to mitigate the climate change through micro-climate moderation, natural resources management in shorth run and through carbon sequestration in long run. Agroforestry has a great potential to provide employment to rural and urban population through industial application and value addition.

CAFRI in News
(514) 408-6363 Dr. Asha Ram recieved Dhiru Morarji Memorial Award
Vasant Rao Naik Award for Research Application in Agriculture (2010) On the 83rd foundation day of ICAR on July 16, 2011 NRCAF bagged this award for the year 2010.
Trainings Organised>>(2011-13)
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Cleanness Circular
Swachchha Bharat Mission-2018
Joint Project between CAFRI and ICRAF initiated in Odisha
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